Advanced search
  • Use quotes for an exact phrase match. eg: "tallest building"
  • Use a hyphen to exclude words. eg: jaguar speed -car
  • Search for a specific site. eg:
  • Search for URLs. eg: inurl:customsearch
  • Search for titles. eg: intitle:customsearch
  • Filter by document type. eg: filetype:pdf
  • Sort by date ascending to see first reports.
  • Sort by date descending to see recent results.
  • Add "reddit" to the query to see human-generated content.
  • Add the "gl" parameter to the URL to get region-specific results. eg: "?q=test&gl=fr" searches "test" from French. Details here.
  • Install the Firefox addon
What is this?

QuackQuackGo is a front-end UI for Google Search.

No ads or tracking on QuackQuackGo. Just 10 blue links on the results page.

The results are provided by the Programmable Search Engine API for a fee.

QuackQuackGo does not need JS or cookies to function.

Why using QuackQuackGo?
  • Privacy. No ads or tracking.
  • Quality. It's still Google, but better.
  • Fast. Built like sites from the 2000s.
  • Versatility. Try the advanced search to find out this.